Monday, September 2, 2013

Information and No Original Research

The nature of information, whether on the Internet or the "real world" has been very obviously well-characterized as "increasing without limit", denoted by our favourite function: the exponential. With the saturation of information versus the lack of interested academics, we can only get out of this slump of having no original research by generating new questions from preexisting data sets. There is a running joke in the programmers community: "grids, grids and more grids". Indeed, the mathematical structure of the grid and matrix are timeless. Euclid and the pre-Socratics solved very interested properties in maths using these kind of structures.

Rather than coming up with new programming languages and frameworks, give your Data Structures and Algorithms textbook some love and read the first three chapters or so. You'll find everything you need to solve interesting statistical problems to be pre-installed with your GNU/Linux minimal build or else your Windows/Apple machine.

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