Sunday, September 9, 2012


This is the poem Andrei wrote for the Odyssey Art Magazine competition, and was submitted to the Florida State poetry competition by the magazine. It is based from the viewpoint of a Roman patrician, post Emperor Julian.

Hearts do not bleed in arid desert sands (a)

They parch umber through gates of heaven (b)

Straightened has the ancient ankh’s curved strand (a)

Thrust to Petros’ arch, née Osiris’ seven (b)

Fated to two-thousand years’ resentment (c)

Our marble empire and Liber’s nature (d)

Endless holy scriptures, manmade parchment (c)

Bland pages speak of divine departure (d)

“I have come not to send peace, but a sword” (e)

Accept their truth and God, or damned thy fate (f)

Poison spat from eastern tongues, the false Word (e)

The Edict has been passed; it is too late (f)

There lay no red roses on the grave of Rome (g)

Instead she slumbers pale under the barbed throne. (g)

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